Holy Grail Makeup Brushes: Foundation/Blush

Hello bloggies! So today I am gonna do a quick post letting you guys in on all my absolute MUST HAVE Brushes for my foundation, tinted moisturizer and blush brushes! These are my absolute Holy Grail if I ever god forbid lost everything in a fire the main brushes to replace would be these!! Ok a little extreme but I absolutely love the way these brushes  work for me the application is great and well lets get right into it shall we!

Can you sense a bit of a pattern here? 
For me flat top kabukis just do the trick for me. Whether it be round or just flat the more dense the brush the better it applies for me. 

This is the  Sigma F82 Round Top Synthetic Kabuki that I absolutely love. I love how dense it is and how I can go around the contours of my nose and even under eye area. It takes a bit longer to dry because of how dense this is but I def got on the bandwagon and got the Dry-N-Shape and they dry in a few hours and ready to go! Keep in mind that also with brushes like these they tend to pick up a little more product so build up your foundation gradually because with this brush a little goes a long way!
Another Sigma brush is the F84 Angled top Synthetic Kabuki Brush. Now this was originally meant for applying Bronzer. For me personally I find it a bit to big for that purpose and have actually been using it for my Tinted Moisturizer and Foundation from time to time as well. 
Here is the Sigma F80 Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki. This is a great brush for foundation application as well. Leaves my complexion feeling flawless and distributes the product evenly and effortlessly.
Sedona Lace FB07 Flat Top Buffer Brush. I was recently given the opportunity to try the Vortex Collection through my internship with Sedona Lace. I am so impressed with the quality of these brushes. I am trying my best to remain unbiased but I definitely want to let you guys know this is a great brush. This is slightly cheaper in pricing than Sigma’s but none the less does a great job for me.
This is the Sonia Kashuk Synthetic Flat Blusher Brush. Now this is a little more pricey considering it is found at Target. It was I believe $14.99. I love the ergonomic handle and the sleekness of it. This is a little smaller than my average flat tops so I will reach for this mainly in the event my others may be dirty and I need a brush . It definitely does a great job just takes me a little longer to get the product spread to all the necessary areas.
This was an awesome discovery recently for me at my local Ulta. I had heard of the Samantha Chapman who is one of the Pixiwoo Sisters on You Tube. She has a line called Real Techniques brushes and well of course have a bunch of them I love. I got this particular one as a part of an awesome set. This was part of the Core Collection and I absolutely love it for my foundation. I wish it was in fact sold separately so that I can get a couple more. I will say it isn’t as dense as I would like it to be but blends very well.
This is the very well known ELF Powder Brush . This goes for $3 and works great for foundation and tinted moisturizer. Now this isn’t exactly the best quality in terms the handle and ferule. I have had to hot glue mine back together quite a few times but works nonetheless. You get what you pay for sometimes with ELF but honestly I really love this brush and its a little easier on the pocket.
Blush Brushes:

This is the Makeup Geek Blush Brush that I just can’t live without. I am lacking in terms of good blush brushes to be honest. I have about 5 of these and I always make sure I have a clean one available because I love it so much. It get right into the apples of my cheeks and gives me better control in terms of contouring.

This is also a part of the Real Techniques collection of brushes I mentioned earlier. This is the Contour Brush and I love it for just that and for applying my blush.

This is the Sedona Lace Dome Contour Brush and is part of the Vortex collection as well. I will definitely be purchasing a few more of these to put in my travel set and to make sure I never have to worry about not having a clean one on hand.

As you can see I am a bit particular about my brushes. I have quite a collection , but I honestly use almost every single brush. 

I have multiples of my favorite brushes because my routine is that once I use it in the morning it goes to the side to be washed at the end of that week . Yes I only use my Brushes ONCE! I have very sensitive skin and I am meticulous on the cleanliness of my brushes. To get through my 5 days of work I need enough to get me through the work week. Also when doing looks etc and blogging well we tend to go through even more brushes. 

I will do separate posts for my other brushes as soon as I can !

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  1. ♥ YourBFF ♥

    Wow I LOVE your brush collection! I definitely want to check out Sigma’s synthetic brushes soon. They look amazing! I think its awesome that we each have a Makeup Geek brush that we like to use! 🙂 (mine is more of a flat top brush) I am really loving the containers you store your brushes in. They are sooo cute!!! Very unique and fun! Thanks for this post, although now it just makes me want to add to my little collection. Haha! 😀

  2. Ms. Prettyful Girl

    Nice collection, Cathy! Wow, your entire brush collection must be huge! LOL. I have always wanted to try one of those flat top kabuki brushes and the Sigma line too. It’s so nice that you love and care for you babies very well 🙂

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