L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow

Hi bloggies so I was recently at my local Bed Bath and Beyond when I came across this massive display of new Loreal Infallible Eyeshadows. I as usual glanced on over to see what this was in a little cute square pot.  Much to my surprise they were Pressed Pigment Shadows!

If you follow me on twitter I had recently tweeted that I needed more creme shadows in my collection. I like them mostly as a base before I use any shadow. I unfortunately don’t have any Mac Paint Pots, or what these are being compared to Armani Eyes to Kill, but if they are anything like these bad boys I completely understand the hype! I am hoping to get more MAC into my collection I just haven’t been able to bring myself to splurging on it yet, but a little here and there may help my collection. 

What it is:

A 24 Hour unstoppable waterproof eyeshadow that resists blinking, creasing, and rubbing!

Where to Find:
Harmon’s/Face Value, Bed Bath and Beyond, CVS

How Much:
A little over $8.79  varies on your location also eg Canada

Feels like a Wet Pigment, if you press to hard it will crumble.

Instantly loved the little Square Jars and how the colors showed through. Keep in mind may take a little space in your storage area but nothing over the top.
So far I have only seen 12 in this Collection but I came across another Beauty Blogger that had about 17 of them and some colors I haven’t seen here 🙁
Here is Sakura Lovely’s Blog.
Comes with this little plastic cover inside. DO NOT THROW THIS AWAY! I am assuming helps keep it from drying and protected.
I can not get over how velvety smooth and silky these fell going on.

Left to Right:
Golden Sage
Endless Pearl
Midnight Blue
Amber Rush

Overall I am so please with these shadows. I am hoping to get more from this collection and possibly even try to hunt down the other colors if I can. 

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  1. ((hugs)) ~ Your BFF!

    Oh Gorgeous! I’m hoping to find a fully stocked display so I can have my pick of the colors, but so far I only found four in a very picked through display at my local grocery store and didn’t purchase – simply because they were marked at $12 each and not on sale! 🙁 I’m totally a sale girl and refuse to buy drugstore makeup at an inflated price. You are lucky your BB&B has it, but I don’t have one that has a Harmon inside. 🙁 I will keep on the lookout! Great pics & swatches!!

  2. cbsg5861

    I’m so, so intrigued to try these! Only thing that puts me off is their price- 12 euros equals to 15,6 dollars! More than double the price you mentioned…

  3. Sweet Surrender

    oh my!!!! I love these! I havent found cream shadows that I like or work well. These look amazing! I love that bluish black and the pale cream color. LOVE, I will have to stalk my Bath and Body Works in my neck of the woods

  4. Anonymous

    got these bogo 50 at CVS,….and of course, they have the beauty bucks etc

    i got the revlon nail polishes (6) and got $ 3 back on each used them for the e/s

  5. Anonymous

    I was stupid enough to discard the little plastic cover (as I am viewing this review way later than I bought my infallible eye shadow). Yes, it is for protection – my eye shadow (in endless pearl) has a crack through the middle and the powder is very ‘shaky’ and loose. It is still usable, despite that it has become a little more powdery. I’m just careful not to drop it carelessly in my makeup collection, or to accidentally drop it.

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