Sugar Pill Cosmetics

Hi Dolls so I recently spoiled myself a little and got my hands on some ever so famous Sugar Pill cosmetics and I am so thrilled to do this post for you guys.

They are also part of Shrinkle which is also part of there Shrinkle on Ebay store that Carries Kryolan, Mehron, and some of there Sugarpill Items!

For those that are not familiar with tis brand should really do so . I am a major sucker for packaging and let me tell you well better yet let me just show you ….

They sell a variety of loose shadows, pressed shadows and 2 of the popular palettes.

Palettes are $34.00
Pressed Shadows $12.00
Loose Shadows $12.00
** Free Sample with Orders**

Everything is so colorful and bright !
No Sticker on Here these are like Hot Stamped onto the Lid !!
Magpie & Magentric No Base!
These Palettes are Big almost the size of the Wet n Wild 8 Pan Palettes so you have an idea.
I wanted you all to see just how large the pans are. You can see it is much larger than the average 26mm eyeshadow pan!
Let the SwatchFest Begin:
Burning Heart Palette
Sweet Heart Palette

No Base!
Burning Heart Palette for this Look!
Products Used for this Look! Didn’t use the falsies after all 🙁
Overall I am soo thrilled to have some Sugar Pill in my life. Tako has to be the most pigmented white shadow I won in my collection. The attention to details on everything on these products speak for themselves.

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  1. Cathy

    @ jenn OMG Really you def should check it out!
    @EveryDay Makeup Glad you enjoyed my thoughts exactly love supporting smaller companies especially when they are such great quality!

  2. Hannah

    I have been eyeing these palettes for a while now. Love the look you created. Definitely putting these on my xmas wish list!!

    Hannah xo

  3. LetitiaLaura

    Ohemgee I would love to own anything from Sugar Pill! My b-day is December 1st, so maybe the birthday fairy will get me something! lol. On the other hand maybe not. He hates seeing makeup everywhere. Ha ha!

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