Inexpensive Jewelry Finds

Hey ladies so recently I have come across a few websites that I just could not go another day without filling in my girls about. I have been into jewelry a lot lately and I always try to find an affordable way to look fashionable without breaking the bank.

I recently found out about this online shop via Twitter. I love my twitter and I feel that it keeps me up to with all the beauty news. 
 Chica Fashion via Twitter is such a sweet person and I love her shop and her blog. She is super fashionable and I always look forward to reading her Posts. She is also a Beach Body Coach Fitness Enthusiast for all of us that want to get in shape she is def the girl to contact! Her Jewelry is super Unique and affordable. Best part is that she is practically my neighbor come to find out in the end ha ha.We live literally 5 mins from one another and had no clue . What a small world!
Few Items I purchased:
How Flippin Adorable are these studs. I keep them in the packaging so they don’t get damaged and love the variety in colors for all outfits.
This is one of my favorite Items she had a pink leather bracelet. Its so cute and love the look of the 3 bracelets.
I first learned about this store through my husband. Yes my Husband! ha ha ha For him to have pointed out a jewelry shop or pick something of interest to him in the beauty world I had to be intrigued and check out the site. They are pretty well known especially here in NJ. They do a number of fashion shows and photo shoots and have the cutest and also unique items.
No Flash:

This Charm Bracelet is soo adorable!
Cute Ankle Bracelet
I actually learned abou this site via You Tube. They Have some of the most unique jewelry I have ever seen. So interesting and also very affordable. 
Check out the Little Corset!
My All time Favorite:

Little Lipstick ha ha 
Overall I would definitely shop from these ladies again. Being that the 1st to are based out of here in NJ shipping is usually super fast. Laydpynk took a bit longer I know they have locations in NY and Miami if I am not mistaken .

Some otheres I plan on checking out soon:

Fashion Addicts Boutique
This one doesn’t have a website just yet but she can be emailed with the orders of the items you like from the photos on FB. 

Hope you guys check them out and would love to see what you guys got and thought of there items!

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  1. Alicia

    Thanks so much for the shout out! I’m very glad you enjoy both my accessories boutique & blog. Sorry I took a while to pass by I been a lil behind on my Bloglovin.


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