Inglot Palette

Hey Ladies so with so much going on I completely forgot to do a post on my Inglot palette and other goodies I got. I did a look but never posted on the actual palette or anything so here it goes:

Pricing for 10 Pan 
Freedom System $50
On the Back of the Palette I put all the Labels so I knew which color was which:
Left to Right:
D.S 496
D.S 494
AMC Shine 15
AMC Shine 48
AMC Shine 27
D.S 498
D.S 465
M 390
P 418 
M 366

DS-Double Sparkle
AS– Advanced Sparkle
AMC– Advanced Makeup Components

AMC Lip Paint $12
Goes on So Smooth non sticky love the color
Face Blush $12
This is # 29 a Bit Powdery for my Liking but great pigmentation and color
I had a great time in the Inglot Store I am in love with there lip products and Shadows. I can definitely use more Matte Shades and maybe try some other items from there line. Overall Definitely a great system to Have.  Shadows are hard to remove once you have put them in the Palette so word to the wise I would lay them out first and make sure thats exactly how you want them to be in the palette because yes they are removable but good luck not breaking one of the shadows or hurting yourself in the process.
Also the Magnetic Cover is great and secure but its is no joke. I have pinched my skin a few times because it is that strong and a bit tricky to open.

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  1. Ms. Prettyful Girl

    I was viewing this on my phone but then I was like “hold on a sec. I need to see this in all its glory” LOL. So I logged into my home computer. You picked out some great colors! I have to say, I think I would have picked out the same as you. I loved them all. And the lip color is perfect! I would love me some Inglot. But MAC is too high end for me LOL. I think I’ll save Inglot for a special occasion wish list. Awesome picture quality, fantastic post 🙂 XXOO

  2. Cathy

    Ha Ha Ms. Lisa I agree I try my best to not indulge too much on the High end things but especially w eyeshadow palettes bc we can find them so much cheaper but I have to admit the quality of these is great.I dont even think I own any Mac Shadows sad to say but I have sooo many eyeshadows that ya know theres a dupe for everything out there lol. Im glad you liked the post. it was overwhelming picking out the colors because there are so many finishes but I tried to pick one of each color I liked ha ha

  3. Amber

    Those are such pretty colors you have I absolutely love the sparkly goodness 🙂 Their packaging is really cute and sleek. I have heard from a few ladies they have pinched their selves too. Great review!

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