Whats in my Makeup Bag?

Hello everyone sorry I have been so MIA just so much going on. I was in Florida for a little bit visiting some friends of mine and when I got back I checked one of my favorite nail bloggies named Asami. She had this awesome tag and even though I wasn’t personally tagged I went ahead and did this anyways ha ha.

So the Topic was ” What’s in your Purse or Makeup Bag”. We recently saw this on Facebook where Sephora had some of there staff members do the ” Big Reveal” of what was in there Makeup Bags and was awesome.

So here it Goes:

Yes I know it seems like a Lot bot everything fits in my Little Ulta Bag Perfectly and hate being caught out there with some thing I need and don’t have.
  1. Ulta Makeup Bag and Coastal Scents Small Pink Bag
  2. Colgate Wisps ( Got at Dollar Store ) 
  3. Plackers Flossers
  4. Hello Kitty Makeup Travel Brushes
  5. Pleasures Travel Perfume
  6. Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray
  7. UDPP Travel Size ( Urban Decay Primer Potion in case you didn’t get the abbreviations 🙂 )
  8. Ulta Blush
  9. Boing Under Eye Concealer by Benefit
  10. Small Nail Clipper
  11. Anastasia Brow Gel 
  12. Tylenol
  13. Stila Trendsetting in Tokyo Palette
  14. W&W Walking on Eggshells Palette
  15. Nivea Hand Cream
  16. Burts Bees Cuticle Cream
  17. Pocket Tissues
  18. Hand Wipes by Cottonelle
  19. VS Mattifying Gel Cream
  20. Nivea Chap Stick
  21. BurstsBees Tinted Lip Balm
  22. ELF Moisturizing Lip Balms
  23. GHD Pocket Mirror
** So I hope you enjoyed seeing all the goodies I know it is long put it fits comfortably in my purse and couldn’t be caught out there without some of these items**

Now Ladies your Turn to tag some of your Bloggers as well.
Tag Your It:
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Comments 5

  1. Amber

    Thanks for tagging me I will have to do this for tomorrows post 🙂
    You have tons of great goodies in there!!
    How do those colgate wisps work? I am obsessed with brushing my teeth so these would be great on the go!

  2. Cathy

    Hey Amber glad you liked. As far as the wisps they are a great refresher however have an after taste feels kinda weird but nice and refreshed after a meal.

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