IMATS NYC 2011 Haul!

Hello Everyone it has been a while since my last blog post but couldn’t wait any longer to let you guys know how I did at IMATS! This was my 1st time going to Imats and it was the 1st time it was here in NYC! I chose to go on Sunday instead of Saturday because I had a feeling it would be pure madness! As I read a few people on twitter’s feed sure enough it seemed like it was nothing but pure Mayhem and crowding from what everyones pics and comments said. i was afraid this was going to ruin the experience for me and stress me out all together.

i was originally going to take the train , but realized it was just easier for my sister-in-law and I to just drive in and took us Literally 15 mins to get there and 10 mins to find parking!! Yeah 10 mins un heard of in NYC! I can see the long line turning the corner and was starting to get anxious! By the time we went to park and walked over the line was gone and we waited no more than 5 mins to get in. Once we were in maybe another 10 to do registration and get our wristbands. Was awesome so far!

As we walked in we saw all the Stage Makeup and Theatrical makeup items. It was so amazing the special fx and how makeup is used in movies.

We went up a bunch of stairs and low and behold We were in what seemed to be Makeup Heaven! My mission was to hit the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Booth 1st. I had heard the lines for this company were ridiculous and was afraid I would never get my hands on the infamous Lip Tars.

Mission Accomplished:
I was the 2nd Customer of the Day!! $10 each was a great deal when they are usually $13.50 each
My Next stop on my checklist was Eve Pearl. I had heard such great things about her Products. Especially the Salmon Concealer.
Close to this booth was the Jesse’s Girl Products. I met the owner Jesse and was a very sweet nice man. I had a Coupon from twitter that if I purchased something I got a free gift:
Sorry the Pic is Blurry but got a Full Size Lipgloss, Nail Polish, and Eyeshadow Free!
One of the people I was looking forward to meeting was Lauren aka Queen of Blending. I love her You tube videos and I follow her on twitter. She does amazing stuff and is sooo sweet! 
Here is her channel:
It was nice to know she was tiny like me ha ha and had the coolest makeup and nails!
Some other Goodies:
Awesome Brushes for so Cheap $1 $1.50 was great!
There were so many to choose from 2 bux was another great steal!
I was dying for this Stila Primer and Cover FX Concealer!
This concealer retails for around $27 got it for $15!!!!! It is AMAZING!
So my overall experience with IMATS was nothing but positive! Not as crowded moving room lots of Products . Will definitely be going again in the future and will definitely be saving to get my hands on a few things I was dying to get but just couldn’t justify buying it just yet. 
Also I was dying to check out INGLOT but OMG the line was INSANE! But its ok there are a few close so I can pop in anytime but will definitely be getting some soon!
Some other Items I would like to get in the Future:
Hope you all enjoy will be back soon Promise!

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  1. Amber

    Looks like you had a great time! I am hoping maybe next year I can attend. I would love to see a review/swatches of those OCC lip tars! I hear nothing but great things about them!

  2. Cathy

    Ahhh ladies was so worth it seriously you learn so much and meet so many people and companies. Even ones I had never heard of had amazing products there. Definitely go!

  3. Ms. Prettyful Girl

    Very cool. I’m so happy for you! I would also love to see the swatches and looks with the OCC Lip Tars! I bet they are amazing! And you got to meet Lauren!! Ahhh!! Love Queen of Blending. How awesome. Great goodies 🙂

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