Spring Beauty Haul

Hello my beauties! I know it has been some time since I have done a post and shame on me. I have just ben so consumed with work an personal life that I literally get no “me” time at all now a days. I have missed chatting with my beauties and letting you all into my beauty world.  

So lets jump right in shall we?!!

I have been getting a few things over the past few weeks and have been dying to share them all with you. There are some that I forgot to include but sure enough will do another post soon to fill you all in . 

One of my favorite stores to shop is Forever 21 mainly because of the affordable clothes and accessories. They dont last too long but they are cute no less.

I love coral colored accessories especially if you are a little tanned will look great on you!

I have never ben one for big chunky necklaces , but this caught my eye and will have to incorporate into an outfit somehow.

I saw these by the register and of course I gave in lol. The colors were perfect for spring . I am not sure how opaque they are just yet but hoping don’t go on too sheer .

Ok for someone that only uses falsies for special occasions or on clients per request, I have an insane mount of them and can’t seem to resist a gorgeous pair of falsies that look full and wispy. This whole set was about $4.80 cant beat that.

Have you ever had a pair of false lashes you absolutely loved and couldn’t bare the thought of parting ways with them just yet?   No where to put them? Well look no more because they make all sorts of cases now a days to store them . I found this one on Ebay . I have heard so many awesome things about the store Daiso Japan , but unfortunately I do not have one out here. I would love to go to one or something similar to it one day. I hear its beauty heaven!

This next item is a makeup artist and beauty junk must have!

There is nothing worse than doing all of your makeup and using the beautiful glitters and pigments and having a ton of fall out and ruining all the work you just did. 

These are Shadow Shields and they protect against any makeup fallout during makeup or false lash application.

One of the awesome things is that it is self adhesive and leaves you completely flawless once you are done applying your eye makeup.

So I recently went a little lighter with my hair color and had some highlights applied as well. I didn’t want to have to bleach  my eyebrows to lighten them so I went to MAC and had one of the MUA’s match me and love the combo that he suggested.

Brunette retractable brow pencil and Boy Girl Brow Setting Gel

I love that this lightens my brows just enough and sets them in place for long lasting application.

I was at Target and of course I always end up in the beauty section , and I came across the new line of John Freida Hair products. I personally have always been a fan and was excited to see these for products for blondes. I always have a problem with yellowing of my blonde so I figured let me prepare myself since its fresh and get products to keep the lustre and highlights nice and bright.

I also picked up one of the new Sonia Kashuk Chic Luminosity Bronzer/Blush Duo. I couldn’t really tell the difference between the 3 that they had,  so I went for something a little darker. I am an NC40 shade for MAC so I have a bit of a hard time having certain blushes and bronzers actually showing up unless I pile it on which I am not about lol. This shade  was in glimmer.

Last but not least , I went to my local Outlet Mall and stopped in Victoria’s Secret. They were having their usually crazy sales of 50-75% off and was instantly drawn in , along with the other crazed women around me digging in the bins lol.

The beauty products were 5 for $30 which I thought of course was a steal!

Picture does this clack glittery side no justice. Not as pigmented as I’d like, but with a black base underneath I am sure can make this work.

This is a gorgeous Pressed Mineral Bronzing Powder in Bronze Ambition.

I had gotten a set of fragrance samples for Christmas and one of the ones I loved was Body by Victoria. So I jumped on this little bottle for $7.50

The Hand Cream w Shea Butter was $3.50 ! Super moisturizing !

VS Pro Face Primer
Face Flash Highlighter
Lip Gloss in Glow

I cant wait to play around in all my new goodies! I have a few awesome posts lined up so will keep you all posted! 

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