Holiday Haulage

Hey everyone this weekend has been absolutely hectic with all of the crowds and madness in all the stores with Christmas slowly creeping up on us. We will be hosting Christmas Eve in our House this Year so need to get the house Holiday ready and lucky for me my Christmas Shopping is completely done.

Now I know we are all guilt of doing a little Christmas shopping for those on your list but sometimes cant help but snag a few goodies for yourself in the process. Well, clearly I definitely did and I couldn’t help myself. Had been feeling a bit down with a lot of personal things going on so Hubby spoiled me a bit and let me grab a few things here and there.

So I went to one of my favorite stores Marshalls. Now let me begin by saying as you all may know this store is usually hit or miss. I sometimes walk in and it is soo organized and neat and looks like I find so many treasure. Other times like the one I just experienced, You Find a Purse by the Shoe section , a Pillow by the clothes, or like me some makeup palettes by the pots and pans!

I have never been fortunate enough to try The Balm Cosmetics and I have seen them here at Sephora but a bit more high end sometimes and cant seem to afford it. While browsing for a few kitchen gadgets and what not I came across not 1 but 3 Eyeshadow Palette by a Wok!

$20 originally priced for $44.50!!!!
I will say that most of the cosmetic Items I find there usually have a huge gouge in it or completely destroyed, cracked, banged up pretty badly. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised to see these were in Excellent Condition !
Has a bit of flaked of shadows here and there but nothing that is significant enough to write off the palette.
The Cheek Tints are nice and creamy and just what it say a Tint.
Love the Quality of the Shadows. These small ones were only $12 originally $22 I think but don’t quote me.
Now this I am sure you have all seen and watched tons of videos of. As beauty Bloggies/Junkies we all go nuts over the newest and must have items from Urban Decay. I am guilty myself of having to have my hands on there newest palettes. 
So low and Behold…..
Love Love the Improved Packaging. No more Messy Velvet Packaging and super Travel Friendly!
Naked 1 Top
Naked 2 Bottom
Absolutely Loving this Brush!
The Palette also came with a lipgloss but it is the most stickiest thing and I just using it as a stocking stuffer at this point.
I did not want to bore you all with a full on review and swatches because I feel like you tube and blogs are so over saturated with them and didn’t want to seem like spammer.
I also Ordered a few goodies from Ulta and I had seen that there was a sale on the Samantha Chapman Real Techniques brushes! I absolutely love love this brush line and have quite a few others. They were having a BOGO 50% off but to my surprise it was BOGO Free on my receipt. ( Woops) 
The Left ( Sorry I used this one) is the Small Stippling Brush I use for Tinted Moisturizer or Foundation. 
Brushes are Taklon and Ultra Plush and Soft.
You can Stand them up on your Vanity as well.
I had been on a hunt for some good Blush Brushes and so excited to add these to my collection.
While watching what seemed my millionth you tube video the other day, I had seen that one of my favorite you tubers had gotten some Fauxnad Nail Plates and they had different designs than the ones in the actual Konad Collection.
These all come with a protective film ( which I forgot to remove here for this photo lol) They do not have paper backing like the Konad ones so the edges are a bit sharp when you go to grab them .
I cant wait to do a Konadicure with this plate how cute!
The set is from Amazon and it comes with 21 plates for $11.99. A steal if you ask me. I did notice that 1 or 2 designs were exactly the same to the ones in the Konad collection but not a big deal to me. I also have a Few Bundle Monster plates I love as well.
I also was looking for some microbeads for doing nail art and came across these from Ebay. They were 10 for $13.99. I did bid on this and won shockingly enough. Shipping was free also coming from Honolulu, HI.
Ok so try not to laugh to much but I was at my local Big Lots looking for some little gifts for the little loves in our life. I came across these:
Yes Butterflies in a Jar. They Have a Firefly that glows also! I thought it was so unique for the little girls in the family and just couldn’t help but snag a few for them. Only $12!
Sugar Plum Fairy
Beyond the MistleToe
New Essie LuxeEffects
Set in Stones
A Cut Above
24 Carats
Its all in the Cut
Rockin Rubes
Give me a Price Quote
 Essie Set in Stones
Essie A Cut Above
Can you all see the Glitz of this Polish. Unlike any glitter Polish I have ever seen. I absolutely love and am determined to get the rest in the collection.
I am OBSESSSED with this Polish !!!
Color Club Sugar Plum Fairy
Color Club GingerBread
This Polish looks so amazing in person. Enough that my husband actually asked me to put it on again!
Color Club Beyond the MistleToe
Wet & Wild Give me a Price Quote
Wet & Wild Rockin Rubes
Wet & Wild Its all in the Cut ( Purple with Pink Glitter!!!!!!!)
Wet & Wild 24 Carats
This looks like Tinsel on an Xmas Tree So Cool!
So that Concludes my major major Haulage for you all this weekend. I am on a major Glitter Glitzy girly kick lately lol. I am looking forward to playing around with all my palettes and polishes for this holiday season. See you all soon!

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  1. Ms. Prettyful Girl

    Aw, how fun! I love The Balm palettes you got. The colors are very pretty. I’ve never tried that brand before 🙂 You got so much nail stuff I’m excited to see what designs you come up with. I’m sure they will be so amazing! And by the way, I absolutely love the final pic of the nail wheel with the ornaments! Too adorable 🙂

  2. Cathy

    @ Frugally Me I got Whimsical at a store called Harmons not sure if you have one wherever you are from . Its a Revlon Polish so sure you can find it 🙂

  3. Christine

    I absolutely love everything that you got, really want to try out Color Club’ Sugar Plum Fairy, it looks amazing 🙂 Btw, Im loving the quality of your pictures 🙂 xo

  4. Kristine

    I was able to pick up The Balm and The Beautiful palette from Marshalls too! And it was untouched…I was really excited when I saw it! It is gorgeous! Unfortunately, didn’t have the same luck with the Shady Lady palettes. Someone had put their fingers into all of the ones there…

    I love the Real Techniques brushes too! I didn’t know they were having a sale…I’ll have to stop by and see if I can get the BOGO Free deal too. 😀

    You got some really great goodies! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. Mrs.Makeup

    I just died and went to eye shadow palette heaven ehhe Love this post! I saw some of the The Balm products at Marshall’s yesterday for 12.99 a piece but everyone had put their dirty little fingers in them so I couldn’t buy them 🙁

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