Hello loves so over the past month or so I have snagged a few things here and there from the new Mac Shop and Mac Cook Collections. I also grabbed a couple of goodies from Ulta, Target,Victoria’s Secret etc. there were also a few things I just did not like at all and well returned or still trying to work with . 

Now I am not one to totally splurge but this Mac Collection was just a must for me!
There were also a few things I got from the Naturally Collection and and Eyeshadow and Lipstick my friend Lisa sent me from the Iris Apfel Collection.

Mac Blonde MSF
This is such a gorgeous highlighter for my cheeks. It has a gradient appeal to eat that goes from lightest to darkest shades of pink. While I was there I had also tried the Red Head MSF and wished I would have grabbed it too but I was and am on a very strict beauty budget and decided to grab just this one.

In the Sun Eyeshadow from the Mac Naturally Collection. This is a gorgeous Mineralized Eyeshadow.

My gorgeous Beauty Buddy Lisa from MsPrettyfulGirl sent me this gorgeous Matte Eyeshadow called Early Bird from the Iris Apfel Collection.

Call me Bubbles Quad

Mac Tendertone Lip Conditioner
Smells like fresh Strawberries

Pink Nouveau Lipstick also from my friend Lisa.

I am a huge fan of the Benefit High Beam and decided to give this a try. Cant wait to use this in the summer!

I actually got 2 pairs of Katy Perry lashes. I completely forgot to snap a pic before I used them but they were the Cool Kitty ones. These run about $6.95 at Ulta

So I am not a big collector of body sprays, but while browsing the store I came across this and sprayed a little , walked around and OMG I just had to have it. It is a fruity concoction of goodness. Not sure what the name is but this is all the bottle says on it on the front.

How adorable is the packaging on these lippies? I wanted all 4 but they were about $15 each

Left to Right:
VS Hot Kiss (Hot Pink)
VS Firsy Kiss (Dusty Rose)
Mac Pink Nouveau
Mac Quick Sizzle
Mac Kissable Lip Color Scandelicious

 I was recently at Kohls and of course I somehow ended up in the beauty section of course and after my hand looked like a rainbow of swatches, I picked up these Flirt Cosmetics Goodies.

Girly Girl Eyeshadow $13.50

Dapple Apple Blush
I also grabbed Sangria lipstick which is a gorgeous Orangey red but I was having a hard time photographing it for some reason . 

I have never tried No7 Cosmetics from Target and there was a lip section on sale for $5 so I snagged this gorgeous pink lippy called  Number Three Glamour

I have been loving all my Mac goodies of course and all the lip colors lately. 

Hope you all enjoyed lots more posts coming soon

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  1. Ms. Prettyful Girl

    Wow, my friend! You got your little paws on some really awesome stuff! Good job! I’m glad you liked the little gifts I sent you and thanks so much for the shout out! LOL. That Blond MSF looks so pretty as does the Sun Eyeshadow. All the lipsticks are nice! I love the packaging to the VS ones too 🙂 Awesome haul, awesome pics!

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