Fall Haul 2012

Hello my beauties! I hope you are all enjoying this fall weather and season. Here it is getting a little chilly in the mornings and evening which is refreshing after the scorching heat we had this summer. Love all the fall decorations and treats out now .

Over  the past few weeks I have grabbed a few beauty items that I just had to have.

I love the new Fergie line from Wet n Wild. I have always been a fan of the drugstore line and well over the years they have significantly improved in quality in my opinion.

I got these at my local Walgreen’s for $7.99 each. Yes a little pricier than I would have liked but it is definitely all in the packaging and what comes in it. This is as big as a book and opens as such. Will be doing a few looks with these soon and will go more into detail then on whats inside.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know already how much I have obsessed about this cute Halloween polish!

This was I believe $3.99 at RiteAid and I was instantly drawn to this blue and pink goodness!

I also picked up this new Sally Hansen Lustre Shine Polish that caught my attention. Has a bit of a holographic/duo chrome feel to it and thought was a perfect shade for fall.

Now one of the most important things to me in the beauty world is my skincare. I am very very picky and careful when it comes to my face. The awesome people at Apothica gave me the opportunity to choose a couple of things on the site and I had been wanting this set for like ever but the $45 price tag always deterred me from doing so.

I use a couple of other items from the Dr. Brandt line and I know they also carry the line at Sephora. It does wonders to my skin texture and my skin drinks it up!

One of the things I had been wanting to get was this Pores no more Vacuum Cleaner for Blackheads. I have terrible blackheads around my nose and I am always trying to squeeze them out or scrub like crazy . ( I know super bad) but haven’t found anything that has worked for them . Praying this will do the trick!

OK so the full size version of this little Collagen Booster is $75 !!! Yup you can also find it here at Sephora. I mean I am gonna have to see what kind of miracle lies in this tube because I cant justify spending that much to be honest on a skin treatment. 

I went to my other favorite store Tarjay and had to get some things I ran out of like my Eye makeup Remover from Sonia K etc. 

I have heard and read some great reviews on this concealer quad and wanted something to throw in m purse for on the go touch ups. I  have mentioned many times before how much of a concealer junkie I am but a much needed item in my life unfortunately

I also had been looking for a lash comb. I had forgotten to pick up one when I went to Ricky’s the other day and for $5 figured shouldn’t be so bad. I usually use a spoolie , but sometimes I need a little more separation after my mascara.

Ok so this is now my 2nd L’oreal Pencil. I love it to pieces. It goes on super dark and smoothly on my water line, and so long as I set my concealer with a powder after, the transfer of this liner on my lower lash line is very very minimal.

I had been eye balling these after seeing them all over Instagram and posts and decided to grab a couple that I liked the most. 

Really Rose is my favorite of the 3. I guess I like opaque glosses over shimmery ones. I use them daily and like how they don’t feel sticky. They have an awesome scent to them too!

I have a ton of posts lined up for you all. I am trying to learn ways to better plan them and get more in throughout the week. Working and being a wife and dealing with day to day sometimes is a challenge when it comes to time management. I enjoy all of the different adventures I am currently handling and feel as though sometimes it turns into work instead of my hobby and fun. I am anxious to see what other opportunities will come my way and will enable me to share awesome posts and news for all of my lovely readers. I love you all to pieces and wouldn’t be still in the blogosphere without you all. 

See you all soon!
Love & Lipgloss!

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