Christmas Goodness!

Hello my Gorgeous readers . I hope you all had a wonderful holidays. I am beyond exhausted from all of the planning and what not. Cant seem to catch up on my sleep since I am still trying to clean up from the festivities. This year was a little different for my husband and I and we decided to host Christmas Eve in our place. We usually go out for the holidays but we had everyone come here. It was soo much fun having all of the family and kids together and seeing the excitement in they’re eyes for them to open all the Christmas Gifts Santa left them !

I just couldnt get anymore festive than I was here. I rocked that Headband like no on else’s business and was Santa’s little Elf all through the night!
Everyone having a great time , taking pictures what the Holiday’s are all about!
My Nephew’s Face completely Priceless! This is a 1st for me . This is my very 1st Christmas with my Nephew and new found Sister. Long Story but lets just say it is great to have a Sister!
I mean look at these faces how can you not love them !
Now Let’s See what Santa Left for Me!
One thing I love about my husband is his ability to take something I simply mention and he just goes and runs with it. He will do his research watch videoes, and read reviews on all products and get the best ones!
My Favorite Painted Glasses.These are Christmas Ones to go with my Collection!
(Excuse the Mess in the background still catching up LOL)
How Pretty is this Glass Tulip? Sits well in my Glass Cabinet.
Was so excited I had gotten this. I had a smaller one for my point and shoot, but since I had gotten a new camera it was too heavy and topples over. It extends up to 65 inches!!!! 
I can not wait to make my 1st batch of waffles in this bad boy. I have read such great reviews on this and I have an awesome recipe for Chicken and Waffles I am dying to try with this!
Something I will definitely need after cooking those waffles! 
I can not tell you how much I begged and pleaded for an IPAD. If you follow me on twitter and FB you know I was like a little child begging for a toy at the toy store. This is going to make my life so much easier with blogging and doing things on the go!
Getting caught in a Rainstorm in style with my Coach Rain Boots!
My boss and his family are from India and I love love love all the jewelry and accessories from there. They are so intricate and lavish with decor and so feminine. I was soo excited when they gave me these for Christmas. He explained that there was a ceremony that they have when a woman is Pregnant and they put bangles on both of her arms till they can go no more. Showering her with gifts because of the stress it puts on a woman’s body. I am not pregnant by the way but we are sure hoping this may be a little good luck baby dust for us in 2012!
What a better way to end but with a little bit of sparkle. A gorgeous gift from my Sister in Law. She knows me too well!
I have to say that even though I didn’t get any makeup or beauty Items I was actually happy that I didn’t. Yeah I said it! I have so much to be grateful for and I really do not need anything and if I do I am more than ok getting it myself when I can or waiting.
How did you all spend your holiday’s? 

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