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Hello Ladies so I decided to slow it down a bit on the posts because I just felt like I was doing them to frequently and felt like I was bombarding some people with info so I am going to try to space them out so n one is annoyed ha ha ha. Any who Recently  BH Cosmetics  was Having an Insane Sale where some of there Palettes were 40% off and also there customize-able palettes too .

Eyes Lips Face aka ELF was also having one of there amazing sales also. I was never able to make a purchase during there 75% off sale but I still managed to get a few goodies after for pretty good too.


88 Cool Matte Palette & 15 Eye Shadow Pro Customized Palette
Great Packaging!
Not one Shattered or Cracked Shadow !
1 of my Shadows was Missing 🙁 …
But I contacted there wonderful Customer Service and it has Already been shipped even tracking provided.
Nice Sized Mirror
Some info on the Letters:
Somewhat Similar to the Inglot System :
WS– Warm Shimmer
WM-Warm Matte
CM– Cool Matte
MS– Matte Shimmer
MM– Metallic Matte
No Primer
With Primer
Without Primer:
With Primer:
No Primer:
With Primer:
I was surprised to see how small the pans were in this palette:
Some Colors Seem to have some Shimmer so it isn’t a Completely “Matte” Palette Overall
My Miniature Freebie with my order:
Not Sure if I will use this but a pretty neat Kabuki . I guess I can use it open to Contour Maybe?
I begin with Essentials Lipstick that I am IN LOOOVE WITH!!!!
Sociable Smells like RASBERRIES!! Its sooo Great!
No Flash:
Has a bit of Grittiness like has a bit of Glitter or Something but LOVE THIS COLOR!
Rich Rasberry Mineral Lipstick
Conditioning Lip Balms:
Very Creamy Consistency and Smooth
Gel Liners:
Applied with Brush it Came with:
I actually Liked the Brush
Mineral Eyeshadows:
I was soo Impressed with the Color Payoff!!!!
Outdoorsy isn’t showing up too well but its actually a Deep Green with Gold Shimmer
No Flash:
Radiance Enhancers ( Highlighters)
There were a few Items I did not receive because they were out of stock, but I am happy with what I did get especially the Sociable Lipstick for $1 and The Mineral Shadows for $7 each!
I believe BH Cosmetics is still having a sale and Select Items are 42% off!

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  1. LetitiaLaura

    Girl you have some lips!! I like how you put the flower in replace of the missing shadow. Awesome job! This is why I haven’t updated my blog. I have no time! Ha Ha! XoXo……Letitia

  2. Cathy

    Ha Ha Ha, It is vert time consuming but I would think You Tube Vids would take longer no? Thank You so much for passing buy ! xoxxoxox

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