Beauty Online Supply Surprise Goodies

Hi Dolls I feel like it has been forever and a day since I have done a post for you guys! There is just a lot going on in this Pinktastic Life of mine and I have so many posts I need to do for you all and just haven’t been able to get myself to do them . 

Recently on Twitter I received and awesome tweet from Beauty Online Supply and if you aren’t familiar with this site you definitely should be. They have an awesome selection of cosmetics and all types of Beauty Supply Items. I have know of them because of the Affordable and great goodies from Ruby Kisses.

Checkout they’re Facebook Page for awesome Giveaways!

I have been able to find a few of Ruby Kisses displays in my local down town Beauty Supply Stores here and I love how affordable the line is. 

I was so surprised as to how fast it got here and then realized they are here just in NYC!

I cant wait to play around with these goodies. Loving the Lashes. I definitely need to get more lashes in my collection I seem to never have them when I need them .

I will be back soon with more posts have a few looks some MAC goodies to share and some other stuff up my little sleeve!

Love you all !

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