ELF Gem Collection

So I had recently found out through Twitter that ELf had come out with this awesome set of brushes and that were blinged out and what not and I knew I just had to have them :

These Brushes come in Silver, Pink, and Purple:

Here is the link to the Gem Collection.
The Gem Kabuki Brush $5
Gem Powder Brush $5
Here you can see the difference in size from there normal studio or even essential brushes.
Gem Blush Brush in Pink $5
Gem Blush Brush in Silver $5
Gem Eyeshadow Brush in Pink $4
Gem Blending Eye Brush in Pink $4
Gem Eyeshadow Brush in Purple $4 ( Slightly Bent )
Gem Blending Eye Brush in Silver $4
Size comparison next to there studio Eyeshadow “C” Brush
Other Items I want to Get:
So I am not gonna lie I kinda expected to be missing a few stones by the time I received my shippment. We all know that ELF products are great but sometimes can be hit or miss or you really get what you pay for.
All of them were completely intact in there own little pouches . The Purple Eye brush was slightly bent but thats totally fixable.
They will look soo pretty in any vanity in a small vase or something clear to showcase them well. I have brush holders that have that filler inside and would definitely NOT recommend sticking them in there because it will totally knock off all the gems !
I believe these are natural not synthetic brushes and have a feeling them may shed once I give them a good cleaning. Fell a bit rough to the touch but will have to play with them and condition them if I can . 
They are a bit pricier than there normal Studio and essential brushes I am sure it has to do with the fanciness of them all. They are a bit smaller more like travel size in my opinion. 
I am excited to use these and display them on my station! 
Collect them all in every color too! LOL

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  1. Cathy

    @ Glitz Glam I love them played around with them today and my fave are the eye brushes especially the crease brush it real gets in there really well very precise. The Kabuki is awesome too because it is soo full and dense that it applies powder perfectly!

  2. katherine

    Are they soft? I saw them @ target I kind tried out the kabuki one a little bit(just felt it on then back of my hands), it is not as soft as I thought… maybe I am wrong?

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