ELF Cosmetics Holiday Collection Mini Haul

So I went to my Tarjay and spotted some of the new ELF Holiday goodies . I had read that they were out from this awesome blog Nouveau Cheap she has so many awesome pics of all the new goodies being released from there collection and these were some of the things I snatched up:

I will say I was shocked at how well this applied and how Opaque they were. These are with 2 coats and I love every single shade!

32 Eyeshadow Palette in Cool

Now this Palette is bigger than the Other Huge palette of theres. I believe the large one they have is 100 colors for $10
I mean this thing is Huge gotta make some space somewhere for this one!
 1st 6 rows from the Left
6 rows from the Right
I will say this is kind of hit or miss. Some give off great color some you will need to pack on a little more. But you get what you pay for and you cant get this palette hoping that it is gonna replace Mac or Inglot by any means. 
For $15 I think it is great for someone maybe just getting there feet wet in the makeup world, birthday present etc.
I love the variety in color ranges and def a palette that gives you the versatility of having a lot of options without having to lug 5 or 6 different palettes to do so.

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  1. Cathy

    @EvI I love there stuff too its so affordable
    @Mayra I was surprised how gorgeous the polishes turned out!
    @Metal Madness is one of my Faves too
    @Pavani Reddy Most definitely will love will be my next post thanks for the suggestion I will work on it for ya love!

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