Coastal Scents Hot Pot Collection

I recently received some eyeshadows that I had been loving in the past . I ordered a few more because to be honest for the price it was just such a great deal and the color selection is great.

I ordered quite a few of these hot pot shadows from Coastal Scents. I absolutely love this site everything comes rather quickly and is super affordable. They all come in individual packaging safe and secure.

I already had a few of the hot pots in my collection and decided to make a couple of palettes with them .

Each shadow was $1.99!!! Yes thats right !

Explanation of the letters:

S= Shimmer
HP=Hot Pot
CM= Creative Me Collection
ME=Metal Mania Creative Me Collection.

S12=Brandeis Blue
S18=Maize Yellow
S19=Satin Lavender
HP-ME26= Deep Canaloupe
CM12=Shamrock Green
CM06=Neon Bright Pink
CM04=Bright Tangerine
M13= Passion Fruit Pink
M18=Vibrant Azalea Fuschia
HP-ME12= Coral Rose

S= Shimmer
HP=Hot Pot
CM= Creative Me Collection
ME=Metal Mania Creative Me Collection.

S34=BitterSweet Orange
S31=Baby Pink
S37=Nude Tan
M40=Raw Silk 
( This is a typo should be M20 was on Clearance $1.49!)
M14=Petal Peach
M26=Pink Mauve
S09=Salmon Peach
HP-ME24=18 Karat Gold
HP-ME04=Light Plum
M09=Buttermilk Nude ( $1.49)

S= Shimmer
HP=Hot Pot
CM= Creative Me Collection
ME=Metal Mania Creative Me Collection.

M02=Jungle Green ( $1.49)
M05=Deep Sage
S28=Chocolate Berry ( $1.49)
S30=Cherry Chocolate
M25=Maroon Berry
B02=Magenta Pink Blush
B06=Puce Blush ($1.49)
B10=Dark Salmon Blush
B11=Persian Pink Blush
B07=Redwood Blush

You can see that this has great color pay off. Surely will apply a lot better with a base of some sort. 

 BitterSweet Orange

Raw Silk


Bright Tangerine

                                       Shamrock Green 

** The Camera is making this shade seem bright and lighter than it actually is . In person is a darker Green.

Persian Pink Blush

Redwood Blush

My only gripe about the blushes is that they are small . They are the standard 26mm eyeshadow pan measurement.

Another Note is that these will NOT fit in the magnetized MAC palettes for those that may be using these to fill them up .

There were just too many to do individual swatches of so I did my best to show you the quality of some of these shadows.

For every 12 Hot Pots you add to your cart you get a 12 pan empty magnetic palette free. I believe the limit is 2 however. Must add all of the shadows to the cart and will automatically reflect in the end. 
These are a more affordable alternative for those that may just be starting with makeup and maybe cant afford to pay almost triple the price with a Mac shadow. I love my MAC very much , but if I can save wherever I can I definitely will.

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  1. Danielle

    Thank you for this review. I watch Youtube Gurus and I’m always jealous over their nice collection of palettes. But seeing this shows me i can have the same thing but for a much more affordable price.

  2. Ms. Prettyful Girl

    These are so nice! You picked out some really fantastic colors. You know me, I love those bright shadows! This is a great collection, such a nice variety of shades and finishes. I still have some birthday money left over, I might have to get me some of these! Quit tempting me! LOL.

  3. cbsg5861

    Cameo looks like an eyeshadow I have in my collection and can’t seem to find a nice way to wear it yet… I’d love to see some FOTD with these! xx

  4. Angela

    beautiful colors! can the plastic of these palettes be removed so we use all of the space and add some bigger blushes? im thinking of buying some of these and would be nice to be able to combine shadows and some blushes to carry, thank you! great blog!

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